I don’t read a lot of sci-fi, and I’m even less likely to read military sci-fi but I really enjoyed this book.
I read John Scalzi’s Agent to the Stars in it’s on-line form last Saturday. It was funny, well-thought out and even sad in places. I was so impressed I decided that even if this guy wrote military sci-fi, I’d give it a try.
Old Man’s War starts off with John Perry enlisting for the army on his 75th birthday. He’ll be defending Earth’s Colonies from ravening aliens and will not allowed to return to Earth when his time is up. Transferred into a highly modified body, this is an entertaining account of his first year or so in the army. I found this novel had a subtle humour stemming from Perry’s personality, and real heart with Perry missing his dead wife and dealing with the constant death of his friends and collegues.
I got The Ghost Brigades from the library at the same time so I’m reading that next.

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