Who asked if I was only going to post about weird books that she would never read.
No, I will also post about cool bookmarks to use inside the weird books!

I had a ten dollar voucher to use at the gift store down the road and this set of calendar bookmarks was the only thing I liked.  They are perforated so you can remove the calendar part and just have the image.  I’ve already done this and now have 12 new bookmarks to use instead of folded bits of library receipt!  12 bookmarks is a few too many, even given my current habit of stopping in the middle of one book and starting another.  I’m going to give some of the bookmarks away to friends. (The ones I don’t like as much of course – which are mostly the wintery images, probably because I’m living in Queensland.)

This is one I do like:

(the image was cropped to make the bookmark)

The guy who did  all the illustrations was Charley Harper, who specialised in “minimial realism”.  I’ve never heard of him before, but I’m very impressed by his work and will be looking out for it.