Bento boxes are a type of Japanese lunch box.  AnnaThe Red makes Kyaraben (character) bento boxes for her boyfriend and posts amazing pictures and helpful how-to guides on her website.  Some of the one’s I liked best are the Farm and Sleeping Totoro.  I can’t imagine eating something so beautiful though!

Dont get on this Nekobus!

Much of her bento is inspired by anime (Japanese cartoons) and video games.  Even if I’ve never seen the amine or game she’s basing the bento on, I’m still impressed.  The amine movie My Friend Totoro is a recurring theme, and (unrelated to food), it has got to be the cutest movie I have ever seen!  I almost thought there was too much cute but it was saved from excessive cuteness by main character’s sheer joy in life and by simply being brilliant.  I need to watch it again now …