Beguilement is a fantasy that was deliberately structured as a romance novel.  The main characters are both from different cultures: Fawn is a Farmer, Dag is a Lakewalker (nomadic magic users), also he is 55, she is 18.  Beguilement is a believable forbidden romance, this first book of The Sharing Knife series deals with their meeting and gaining the acceptance of her family to marry. 

Despite the romance structure (if you read romance you will probably recognise many romantic tropes), the fantasy part is not neglected or just there for an exotic flavour.  The world menace (malices or blights) has affected the development and separation of the two cultures, leading to why Fawn and Dags relationship is considered by both Farmers and Lakewalkers to be wrong.

While the Farmer disapproval is mostly based on misunderstanding and ignorance, the Lakewalker disappoval is stronger and based on the very real continued need for survival. (The Lakewalker culture is explored further in The Sharing Knife: Legacy.)

Beguilement is available on-line for free until January 27; I started reading it on-line and had difficulty stopping to sleep!  The library near me had both Beguilement and the next book Legacy available, I had to get them both out the next day.

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