Over on her website, author Robin McKinley has a list of books that are recommended by the readers of her blog.  Called Pollyanna’s Booklist, the initial books recommended generally had strong self-sufficient heroines, fantasy settings and positive outlooks on life (ie: the opposite of ‘the world is full of horrible people and will end badly and there’s nothing we can do about it’ type of books – they are such downers to read!).  The recommendations have gradually evolved into any books that are loved so much you need to share the goodness with someone else.

Many of my favourites are on the list and I’ve picked up recommendations for others that I have tried and loved.  In part because of this list, my TBR* pile has exploded in recent months!  I work on the theory that anything recommended more than twice, and anything recommended by someone who also recommends books I love is worth looking at.

To make it easier to see the recommendations, Pollyanna’s Booklist has its own catalog over at LibraryThing.

* TBR = to be read.  Hey, I’m a scientist – I’ve been trained not to use an acronum without defining it first 🙂