Moon Called is the first book in the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs.   Mercy is a mechanic who can shapeshift into a coyote.  Her neighbour is the alpha of the local werewolf pack, her mentor and the previous owner of her garage is fae and she fixes cars for the local vampires (she can’t afford to pay their protection fee).  The rest of the world only knows about the fae, and only the less dangerous fae have been revealed.

When a young homeless boy appears asking for work, Mercy can smell that he is a new werewolf and puts him in touch with Adam, the local alpha.  This sets in train actions that lead to Adam’s daughter, Jesse, being kidnapped and Adam gravely injured.  Fearing a coup attempt by the pack, Mercy takes Adam to the werewolf pack she was raised by for help.  Returning to hunt for Jesse, Mercy is accompanied by a healing Adam and her first love Samuel,  which causes complications as she realises both are interested in her.

Mercy is loyal and witty, her down to earth and common sense approach seem far more realistic than some other Urban Fantasy heroines.  She is not afraid to ask forhelp (she ends up owing the  vampires and the fae favours, the replaying of which lead directly to the interactions that are Blood Bound (vampires) and Iron Kissed (the fae).  She can also control her smart month when she needs to, a necessity around werewolves.

The world building and the characters were brilliant, and the mystery intriging, however I felt the resolution of the mystery was a little weak.  I love this series, each book only gets better and I am impatiently waiting to get my hands on the just published fourth book, Bone Crossed. (The first of Briggs’ books to be published in hardcover, which shows how well she is selling.)  The US covers by Dan Dos Santos are gorgeous, but the UK covers don’t appeal to me at all.

I highly reccommend Moon Called, the Mercy Thompson series, and any of Patricia Briggs work.

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