Just Another Judgement Day is the ninth book in the Nightside series by Simon R Green.  John Taylor is a private detective in the Nightside, where it is always 3am and any sin you wish to indulge in is available for a price.

John Taylor can find anything, a monster’s gag reflex or a teddy bear lost for 20 years – the trick is knowing what to look for.  At the conclusion of the series main story arc, two books back, the restrictions on John’s use of his gift were lifted (previously his enemies could track him when he used it).  I wondered how this would affect the series, but Green has upped the stakes and the complexity of the problems John is asked to solve. 

In Just Another Judgement Day, the unstoppable Walking Man (the Wrath of God in the world of men) has come to the Nightside, intent on killing all who are sinners, which in the Nightside is nearly everyone.  Asked by the new Authorities to stop him, John is joined by his girlfriend, bounty hunter Susie Shooter, and holy warrior Chandra Singh.

Just Another Judgement Day is more philosophical than previous books in the series: looking at the nature of good and evil, faith and unbelief, deciding where the line is that makes the bad people bad enough to be worth killing.  There is also more character development than usual; Susie takes an important step in overcoming her traumatic childhood and we gain insight into Henry Walker’s life and his relationship with John. 

Sometimes Green’s writing can tell not show (I wonder if this is because he is writing the Nightside series in the pulp PI style, his other books generally don’t have this problem), but the Nightside books are filled with energy and ideas (so many ideas – probably twice as many per book than most other writers) and interesting characters.  He writes with humour, and for those who have read his other novels, there are often little easter eggs in the form of crossover characters and places.

Just Another Judgement Day is one of the better books in a very enjoyable series.