Men of the Otherworld by Kelley Armstrong: Book Cover

Kelley Armstrong has written nine books in her Women of the Otherworld series, beginning with Bitten, the tale of Elena, the only female werewolf in the world.   The short stories and novellas in Men of the Otherworld focus on the male werewolves.

Infusion is the tale of the conception and birth of Jeremy, the current alpha, and explains a lot about his relationship with his father.

Savage is about Clay, Elena’s lover.  He was bitten and turned into a werewolf as a child and was living feral in a swamp when Jeremy rescued him.  Acsension is about the fight for pack alpha between Jeremy and his father.  These two novellas give a lot of background into the complex pack politics and increased my understanding of both Clay and Jeremy’s personalities.  (I want to go back and reread Bitten with my new insights)

Kitsunegari finally gives some answers to Jeremy’s mysterious heritage.

All the stories except Kitsunegari were previously available as free fiction on Kelley Armstrong’s website.  From the Introduction:

All of my proceeds from these volumes are going to World Literacy of Canada… The stories were originally intended as a gift to readers and now they’ll be “regifted” to a worthy cause.

A second volume, Tales of the Otherworld, will be published in 2010.