New Scientist’s Feedback column ran a ‘Flirt With Science’ competition for science related pickup lines.  Some of my favourites:

  • Of all the bars, on all the planets where conditions support intelligent, bipedal, carbon-based life forms…
  • I don’t wish to brag, but in several parallel universes I invented the Internet, warned the world about global warming, ran for president and won the Nobel peace prize.
  • How can I know a hundred digits of pi, but not the 11 digits of your phone number?
  • Would kissing you increase global warming and damage the Arctic irreversibly, or is it just enough to break the ice?
  • Hello, did you know that I’ve invented calorie-free chocolate, and I’ve got some back at my place?
  • Would there be any resistance if I asked to take you ohm?
  • Baby, you must be a start codon because you are turnin’ me on.
  • You are definitely the woman of my REM phase.

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