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Ryan North from the awesome Dinosaur Comics has come up with a nifty t-shirt and poster to help time travellers.  The ones that don’t worry about paradoxs and changing history!

Many times I have complained to those near to me that if I were sent back in time I would be pretty useless. I am pretty handy with a computer, but it’s not like I can build something functional from scratch. And if I found myself sent back in time, what could I tell people about the future except “It’ll be fun” and “Your great-great grandkids are gonna love it”?

WITH THAT IN MIND, I have been researching all of the low-hanging fruit of civilization: stuff that doesn’t take that much to describe once it’s invented, but still produces a useful payoff. The basics of electricity. Radio. Modern medicine. That sort of thing!

I was impressed with Flight, Technology and Health, and slightly disappointed with the lack of practical information in the Chemistry section.  But it’s still amazing awesome, and if I had a time machine, this poster would so be inside it!