It’s my birthday today, so this post is all about me. (Because it’s my website and I can do that if I want – evil laughter!)

Just over a year ago, I got to star in a TV commercial!  The people who made the ad (and the company I work for) might think the ad is about Herron Blue Ibuprofen but no!  Really, it’s all about me.

How did this come about? The company I work for decided to produce four ads featuring people who work at the Brisbane manufacturing site, and I was one of the people chosen.  It was a great deal of fun, (with a few surreal moments, such as having make-up applied in the middle of the lab I work in)

Everybody on the film crew was really nice, joking around, telling me I looked gorgeous, and could be a model (they also told me that I didn’t want to be a model, it’s a boring job).  Because of all this putting me at ease, I was fairly relaxed in front of the camera.  It probably helped that I couldn’t quite tell when they were actually filming.  The shot at the end is of me laughing at something the assistant director said, after I thought the filming was all finished, but there are still a few moments where I think you can see me trying not to smirk!

I can’t embed the ads, but you can watch them here, mine is the first one.  The fourth ad gives a good look at what the lab looks like and some of the people I work with.