Two months ago, on April 5, I posted a photo of a hermit crab in a glass shell.  I thought it was merely a fascinating photo that showed how hermit crabs fit into their shells.

I was very surprised when it started getting lots of hits and even more surprised when I got some negative comments! (Up until then, the majority of people commenting were friends and family.)

Throughout April and May, this single post has accounted for 20% of the hits my blog gets!  I don’t understand why so many people searching for hermit crabs end up at my blog (although it is nice and I certainly hope they poke around at what else there is to see.)  This influx of traffic made me very curious about where the hermit crab in a glass shell photo came from.

 Google image searching gave me people posting basically the same thing as me: ‘look at this cool photo’ (and many negative comments in the extensive comment threads).

I did find an interesting article from an aquarium about an attempt to move one of their crabs into a glass shell.

We were all rather sceptical that a crab would voluntarily choose to move from the relative safety of a discarded whelk shell into a clear glass one.  However, he’s showing a keen interest in the new shell and I reckon he’ll swap over in the next day or so.

I couldn’t find any follow-up articles about whether the crab actually did swap over or not, but the article makes it clear that this is not a new phenomena.

However, persistant searching pays off.  I did finally find where the hermit crab in a glass shell photo originally came from!

Dorling Kindersley, publisher of illustrated reference books, (I’ve found these are always really good quality and beautifully laid out), have a section called DK Images where the original photo can be found.  There is another photo showing the same hermit crab hovering over a glass shell.  The photos were taken by wildlife photographer Frank Greenaway and are copyright Dorling Kindersley.

There’s no information about which book these photos were taken for, but I’m glad to have found out more about this fascinating photo, and I hope this helps satisfiy someone elses’ curiosity as well!