I just realised that this blog is six months old!

I consider the post on 24th December to be the first real post of this blog, and thus, the official birthday.  (The first two posts don’t count because they don’t have any real information in them, I was still figuring out how to use WordPress.)

Sharing the cool and interesting things I find with the rest of the world is fun; I don’t think I’ll be stopping anytime soon.  The number of hits/day is growing nicely, and has reached over 100 a couple of times.  Hopefully one day 100 hits/day will be nothing to me and I’ll wonder why I was so excited about it at the time!

I know there haven’t been any book reviews for two months, but I intend to start writing them again when my brain stops being quite so exhausted.  (Currently a book review would consist of ‘I loved this book’ or ‘it was OK’ – not particularly informative.)

But wait!  There is more exciting news!

In September and October I will be adding three new countries to my list of Countries I Have Been To.  I am VERY happy about this, but as I will not be able to blog while traveling, and I don’t want to not post for that long, I will have to pre-write a months worth of posts!  (I think I’ll have to find some guest bloggers – anyone interested?)