Here is a interview with marine biologists in New Zealand who have used glass shells to help study hermit crabs.  The crabs voluntarily moved into the hand-blown glass shells with 7-10 days of the glass shells being added to the tanks.

The interview aired two hours ago, and is only on the TV3 website at the moment.  If I see it on YouTube I’ll embed it here.

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I don’t even like crabs all that much!  When my biology class studied a common mubcrab in my final year of school, I got my eight year old brother to come in after school and help me with an experiment because I wasn’t going to touch the crabs!

I’m just not big on animals – except birds.  Birds are awesome! Fish are cool too, but they are tricky to keep as pets. Birds are prettier and less prone to floating upside down in a bowl.  (Except for the time I found one of my canaries dead in the water trough.)