I doubt that I will ever need to write a scientific poster again, but if I do, I will be refering to the highly entertaining and informative website:  Advice on designing scientific posters.

You’ve got to admire someone whose advice is as honest and funny as this:

The best general advice I can give a first-time poster constructor is to describe the circumstances in which a poster will eventually be viewed: a hot, congested room filled with people who are there primarily to socialize, not to look at posters. Because poster sessions are often concurrent with the “wine and beer” mixer, chaos is further increased by hundreds of uninhibited graduate students staggering around hitting on each other. It’s not a pretty sight.

And it gets worse: meeting organizers will invariably sandwich your poster between two posters that are infinitely more entertaining, such as “Teaching house cats to perform cold fusion” and “Mating preferences in extraordinarily adorable red pandas.”

I only have one question – how do we know that house cats don’t already know how to perform cold fusion?  Has anybody asked them?