Today is the start of my long-awaited holiday! I’m flying from Brisbane to Istanbul, then spending three weeks travelling down though Turkey, Syria, and ending up in Jordan’s capital Amman.  I’m spending two days in Dubai to catch up with a friend living there, and then it’s back to Brisbane:  real life, work, and the fun of choosing where my next holiday will be.

Don’t worry – I’ve pre-written entries and set them up to post automatically every second day or so, so you don’t need to stop visiting!

Since I’m spending all of today flying (my flight leaves at 2am so I’ll be at the airport before midnight), I thought this was an appropiate video to post!

This ‘Bare Essentials’ safety video is an excellent use of body painting – actual Air Zealand staff were used and they look like they are having a really good time!

And here’s some behind the scenes footage: