I had a wonderful time in Turkey and Syria is different but still awesome.  The only problem is that in Syria my mobile phone does not work  and I cannot access my normal email account (also it is getting more difficult to find internet cafes).  Meanwhile, I can still access my gmail account madscientistnz [at] gmail dot com, but cannot email other people as I don’t have any addresses saved in there!

I just wanted to reassure my family and friends that I have not dropped off the face of the earth, but I am having a wonderful time.   I have got the hang of taking lots of photos and hope that some of them look good on the computer screen as well as the camera screen!

Normal emailing will resume when I get to Jordan on the 13th (have rearranged my travel so I can stay an extra day in Syria), I presume my phone will work there as well.

Edit: No, my phone doesn’t work in Jordan either.  But I can get to my normal email address!