Because some Regency romances really deserve to be made fun of:

A group of rogues enters to find the heroine looking innocent and sexy.

Rogue 1: We are a group of handsome, rouguish friends!

Rogue 2: Note how disgustingly wealthy we all are!

Rogue 3: We’re like a pack of wild, roguish, devastatingly handsome wolves!

Rogue 4: A pack made up entirely of alpha-males!

Rogue 5: This causes no problems in the group dynamic at all, believe it or not.

Rogue 6: We have terrible reputations as rakes and scoundrels!

Heroine: Why?

3: Because…. *suspenseful music plays for a second* we stay out all night gambling, drinking, and sleeping with loose women!

1: Not that we’re alcoholics. That would be unattractive. And we don’t lose any money at the gambling tables.

4: We do sleep with a lot of women, though.

Heroine: Everyone knows that reformed rakes make the best husbands, because they have the four qualities women desire most in a husband: sexual prowess, commitment issues, promiscuity, and a diverse selection of venereal diseases!

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