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Carrot Rainbow

Did you know that carrots were not originally orange?  Carrots were generally purple or yellow, orange being an uncommon mutant variety, until the 16th Century, when breeders in the Netherlands stabilised and improved the taste and cultivation of the orange variety.

It appears to be a myth that they did so as a tribute to William of Orange, but it is a nice coincidence that the Dutch developed the orange carrot, their royal family is the House Of Orange, and their national colour is orange.

Who You Gonna Call?

ImprovEverywhere with one of their ‘scenes of chaos and joy’ at the New York Public Library.

Guard: Sir, what are you doing?
Ghost: Haunting the library.

For more amusingness read the behind-the-scenes report and some comments from people who think ImprovEverywhere are insulting what the Ghostbusters stand for.

Similar to Pride & Prejudice Facebook Style, comes Pride & Prejudice told using Yahoo! emoticons

This is Mr Collins proposal:

Mr Collins: :-B
Lizzie: :-@
Mr Collins: [-O<
Lizzie: :-&
Charlotte: :-?
Mr Collins: *-:)
Charlotte: :>
Lizzie: #-o

And you can find the rest of the story here.

If this is how the world ends, we can reboot right?  Without all the bugs?

Dream Big

dream big by sween.

from Jason Sweeney

The truth that makes men free is for the most part the truth that men prefer not to hear.

Herbert Agar

Defying Gravity!

Optical Illusions – reminding us that our brains can be easily fooled.

Galileo’s Trial

From Irregular Webcomic.  It’s funny, clever, sciency, has multiple storylines, and is one of the most regularly updated webcomics out there – pretty much my ideal comic.

(Three posts in a row! The long weekend really helped recharge my batteries.)

My dream house has always had a library, but now it is going to be a hidden library!

One of my friends actually renovated his house to contain a small secret room hidden behind a bookcase.  It was only used for overflow storage, but it was still really cool.