One of my favourite authors, Ilona Andrews, created Ilona’s Compendium Of Leading Men, a tongue-in-check guide to the common types of leading men found in movies and books today.

The Rake is an enigma. He can be a cowboy, a British Lord, a pirate, or an Italian gazillionaire,  but he is always charming, clever, and handsome as sin.   He may pretend to be brainless, but he never is.   He pursues women passionately and abandons them the moment after they succumb to his charms.  Strangely, despite this cruel treatment, he is usually well liked, perhaps because he’s quite entertaining and because he makes a dangerous enemy.

The Rake is usually damaged by a deep childhood trauma.  He has definite trust issues and taming him requires kindness and a great deal of patience rather than sharp wit and beauty.  However, once properly tamed, he makes the most faithful of husbands.

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