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The Spectrum Of Apple Flavours

The spectrum of apple flavors

I’m not at all surprised that my three favourite apples are the three most tart ones.


How To Be A TV MegaChef

Every TV MegaChef needs to use a chainsaw!

I Love Bananas

Funny Signs - Curved Yellow Fruit

Fruity Lemon

Going clockwise, I can see:

  1. strawberry
  2. red onion
  3. kiwi fruit
  4. unknown
  5. blood orange?
  6. unknown
  7. orange
  8. lime? (I’ve never seen one so green on the inside before)
  9. watermelon
  10. unknown

If anyone can identify the segments I can’t, please let me know in comments.

(image from Dweebist)

Periodic Table Cookies

Chemistry and baking are very much alike, right? They both utilize precise measurements and techniques in the hopes of getting just the right chemical reaction. Sometimes while tinkering around you create something amazing… and sometimes you just get a really nasty smell.

Really the only difference is, in chemistry you never get to lick your spoon.

from Not So Humble Pie’s blog

This is exactly what I have thought about chemistry and cooking for years.  And as for these biscuits – all I need is an excuse to make them!

Steampunk Cakes

from Cake Wrecks

Robot Cupcakes

Made by Hello Naomi

Cupcake Dance

Unusual Sandwiches




Bacon Flowchart

A bigger version can be found here.