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On The Top Of The Burj Khalifa

A video taken from the top of the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai (previously known as the Burj Dubai).

It’s pretty amazing to see a city built in the middle of the desert, all the green parks are from irrigation.

Here’s a photo of the Burj Khalifa that I took when I was in Dubai last year.

The building is so tall, I couldn’t quite get all of it in the photo!


Random Quotation

Here lies a poor woman who always was tired,
For she lived in a place where help wasn’t hired.
Her last words on earth were, Dear friends I am going
Where washing ain’t done nor sweeping nor sewing,
And everything there is exact to my wishes,
For there they don’t eat and there’s no washing of dishes…

Don’t mourn for me now, don’t mourn for me never,
For I’m going to do nothing for ever and ever.

An epitaph in Bushey churchyard, before 1860, destroyed by 1916

Phoenix Wright Comedy Skit

I love the Phoenix Wright series of games for the DS, and here is a comedy skit by The Frantics, animated with scenes from the series.

I found this animation with subtitles useful, as sometimes I couldn’t quite hear what was being said.

From the Rev. Sydney Smith to Lady Georgiana Morpeth, 16 February 1820

Dear Lady Georgiana,

…Nobody has suffered more from low spirits than I have done – so I feel for you.

1st – Live as well as you dare.

2nd – Go into the shower-bath with a small quantity of water at a temperature low enough to give you a slight sensation of cold, 75° or 80°.

3rd – Amusing books.

4th – Short views of human life not further than dinner or tea.

5th – Be as busy as you can.

6th – See as much as you can of those friends who respect and like you.

7th – And of those acquaintances who amuse you.

8th – Make no secret of low spirits to your friends, but talk of them freely – they are always worse for dignified concealment.

9th – Attend to the effects tea and coffee produce upon you.

10th – Compare your lot with that of other people.

11th – Don’t expect too much from human life – a sorry business at the best.

12th – Avoid poetry, dramatic representations (except comedy), music, serious novels, melancholy sentimental people, and everything likely to excite feeling or emotion not ending in active benevolence.

A promotional stunt for a Belgian TV show – around 2oo people dancing to “Do Re Mi” in Antwerp’s Central Station.

Interesting Graphs



Click on the graph to go to the original.  All graphs found via Chart Porn.

Grocery Store Wars

Akinator, The Web Genius

Think of a person, real or fictional, then answer the questions and be amazed as Akinator figures out who you had in mind!

I find it’s also fun to answer the questions randomly and see who Akinator ccomes up with.

Robots Attack Montevideo

Sometimes, you just need to watch stuff being blown up by robots. 

The director, Federico Alvarez of Uruguay, now has offers from Hollywood.

Zombie Dinosaur!

I couldn’t resist posting this picture of Harry Dresden (from Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files) riding a re-animated T-Rex.  This was my favourite part of Dead Beat to read and Dan Dos Santos has produced a stunning illustration.  (As he always does – check out his site for more awesome book covers.)