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How To Be A TV MegaChef

Every TV MegaChef needs to use a chainsaw!


Surreal Dancing Cows

from cyriak, who previously made this equally cheerful and surreal animation featuring teddy bears.

9 Reasons To Become A Chemist

  • Look like Clart Kent in your safety glasses
  • Exposure to all kinds of toxic and cancerous substances
  • The “opportunity” to deal with irate clients asking “where are my results?”
  • Because it’s pHun ūüôā
  • Access to 100% pure ethanol
  • Know how to completely dissolve the bodies of your enemies
  • Be confused with pharmacists
  • Be blamed for all faults in the environment
  • And¬†for cancer

A Hug

from EPICponyz

How A Photocopier Works

Let the Game Continue by Profound Whatever.

A Lego set built by Profound Whatever, based on this Threadless t-shirt.

Random Quotation

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength; loving someone deeply gives you courage.

Lao Tzu

Time Perspectives

This beautifully animated video has Philip Zimbardo¬†explaining some very interesting ideas about how a person’s attitude to time affects their behaviour, relationships and work.


Dr Nick Kim was one of my favourite lecturers at Waikato University, largely for his sense of humour – he would randomly put up cartoons he’d drawn or articles from the Annals of Improbable Science in the middle of his lectures.¬†

He also had more interesting topics to teach about than the rest of the lecturers.  I remember going to the gun range one class, and shooting guns so we could later analyse gunshot residue.  (I found the actual analysis to be boring, but collecting the samples was fun!)

I still have the calender of Nick Kim’s cartoons that the Science Department published one year.¬† (This was one of them.)¬† More sciency cartoons can be found at Strange Matter.

The Swedish Chef Cooks