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A Honest Ad


Awesome Cufflinks


These functional 2GB storage device cufflinks are my favorites.

Grocery Store Wars

Set of Drawers

I really, really, really want this beautiful set of drawers.

Image: At IDS: Community

Designed by Rob Southcott.  Found here

Some cool T-shirt designs by Glenn Jones, aka Glennz, a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Auckland, New Zealand.

T-shirts available here, greeting cards and art screen-prints available here.

Experimental Music

Experimental Music


Rock Me Amadeus

Rock Me Amadeus


Stunt Snail

Stunt Snail

New Dress

About a week ago, I decided that I’m going to travel to Turkey and Syria (and maybe some other places) this year. I haven’t finalised the details, but decided I should take advantage of the current sales and have a look around for some clothes to take. Being Muslim countries I will need more conservative clothes than I’d wear here in Brisbane.

I found this wonderful wrap dress from Mountain Designs.  I brought it in beige then realised that beige really is not a good colour for me, discovered that another shop in Brisbane had the dress in red, and went and swapped it.  I haven’t decided if I’ll need to wear a singlet underneath, but the dress works so well in hot weather, I’ll probably be sick of wearing it before I even get to Turkey!