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Some excerpts from a very interesting article in the NY Times:

Most incompetent people do not know that they are incompetent.  On the contrary. People who do things badly are usually supremely confident of their abilities — more confident, in fact, than people who do things well.

One reason that the ignorant also tend to be the blissfully self-assured, the researchers believe, is that the skills required for competence often are the same skills necessary to recognize competence.

This deficiency in “self-monitoring skills” helps explain the tendency of the humor-impaired to persist in telling jokes that are not funny, of day traders to repeatedly jump into the market — and repeatedly lose out — and of the politically clueless to continue holding forth at dinner parties on the fine points of campaign strategy.

The most able subjects in the study were likely to underestimate their own competence. The researchers attributed this to the fact that, in the absence of information about how others were doing, highly competent subjects assumed that others were performing as well as they were.

When high scoring subjects were asked to “grade” the grammar tests of their peers, however, they quickly revised their evaluations of their own performance. In contrast, the self-assessments of those who scored badly themselves were unaffected by the experience of grading others; some subjects even further inflated their estimates of their own abilities.

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The photograph is not quite true to my own notion of my gentleness and sweetness of nature, but neither perhaps is my external appearance.

A E Housman

A commercial, but a beautiful, amazing, repeat watching commercial. (With great music!)

Buffy Vs Edward

I am a big fan of Buffy (even though I haven’t seen all the episodes) and not a fan of Twilight.  I made it though the first two chapters of Twilight and stopped because I couldn’t handle all that teenage angst.  From others, I understand that the central relationship is actually creepy, unhealthy and verges on being stalkerish.

I loved this video!

Six Months Old!

I just realised that this blog is six months old!

I consider the post on 24th December to be the first real post of this blog, and thus, the official birthday.  (The first two posts don’t count because they don’t have any real information in them, I was still figuring out how to use WordPress.)

Sharing the cool and interesting things I find with the rest of the world is fun; I don’t think I’ll be stopping anytime soon.  The number of hits/day is growing nicely, and has reached over 100 a couple of times.  Hopefully one day 100 hits/day will be nothing to me and I’ll wonder why I was so excited about it at the time!

I know there haven’t been any book reviews for two months, but I intend to start writing them again when my brain stops being quite so exhausted.  (Currently a book review would consist of ‘I loved this book’ or ‘it was OK’ – not particularly informative.)

But wait!  There is more exciting news!

In September and October I will be adding three new countries to my list of Countries I Have Been To.  I am VERY happy about this, but as I will not be able to blog while traveling, and I don’t want to not post for that long, I will have to pre-write a months worth of posts!  (I think I’ll have to find some guest bloggers – anyone interested?)

Five Rules For Life

Five Rules For Life is a blog where:

People from all walks share what they believe are the most important rules to follow for a happy, successful, and fulfilling life.

Here are five rules that I really liked:

This too shall pass.
When I was younger, the intensity of my emotions colored my perception of everything, and it seemed as if my experience of the moment was a permanent state. Now I realize that every mood, every situation – everything – comes and goes, ebbs and flows. So, I try to ride the waves of life, and enjoy still waters when things settle.

– Ruth Powers

Use good manners.
Kindness goes a long way in both work and social life. In most cases good manners will get you want you want while making others feel that they’re being respected.

– Leigh Anne Bartlett

Walk away.
It is not easy to give up something. But there are just things in life that we need to let go of. It it makes you feel bad, if it hurts, if it’s unfair, if it’s against your principles, if you hate it, if it’s wrong – find the courage to walk away from it. It will be hard but you have to at least try. Remember that you always have a choice on what stays and goes in your life.

– Tere Arigo

Take time for quiet and space, every day.
Take time to process what is going on in your life, in your mind, in your heart, and in your soul. Use the quiet to feel peace and to receive inspiration and thought. Use the space to center yourself again and to discover that you can be alone and still “enjoy the company that you keep”. If you can enjoy being alone with yourself, others will enjoy being with you too!

– Cindy Dugan Walker

Don’t hang around with negative people.
It is hard enough controlling what we think without constant exposure to outside, negative influences. If you are hanging around with people who do nothing but complain about how bad everything is – their marriage, their job, their life – you will eventually think the same things regardless of how positive you are.
Negativity begets negativity. Surround yourself with positive people instead.

– David Blank

Some cool T-shirt designs by Glenn Jones, aka Glennz, a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Auckland, New Zealand.

T-shirts available here, greeting cards and art screen-prints available here.

Experimental Music

Experimental Music


Rock Me Amadeus

Rock Me Amadeus


Stunt Snail

Stunt Snail

Random Quotation

A little inaccuracy sometimes saves tons of explanation.


Bang-yao Liu’s senior project at Savannah College of Art and Design.

Bent Objects

Clever wire sculptures by Terry Border of Bent Objects

Sunglasses Bird


A Horrific Yarn


Life So Far