When I decided to put book reviews on my blog, I thought I would review every book I read.  I soon realised that writing a review takes quite a bit of time (around three hours),  I read too many books and I didn’t necessarily want to review everything anyway!  But I still wanted a list of everything I’d read, just out of curiosity.  I’ve previously only estimated how many books I read, it would be nice to have some accurate data.

To solve this problem I’ve added a new page: Read in 2009.  These are my guidelines:

  • Only include books that are read properly, not skimmed, or just looked at
  • Books I tried to read and didn’t finish get an DNF
  • Books are counted in the month I finish reading them

So far January has 16 books and February 10 (and one DNF).  January may not be completely accurate as I’m having to remember back a whole month!

* DNF = Did Not Finish